Club Nights

Everybody is welcome. You do not have to be a member to attend. New members are most welcome. 

Club Night is held on the first Wednesday of each month except January.

Club Meetings are held in St Peter's Cathedral Hall, 51 Victoria Street, Hamilton. Click here for directions.
Parking is available as shown on this diagram.

The hall opens at 7.00pm and our evening program begins at 7.30pm.

We ask for a gold coin donation to cover the cost of hall hire and supper please. 

FOR Club Night activities please visit our calendar for information


Photo Competition

Check our Facebook page photo albums for 20142013 and 2012 winners.

At Club Night entries will be shown and winners and place getters announced by our judge.

All members are urged to send their best photos to this year's competition.  Whether it’s a funny club moment or a slice of time captured in a moment, pick your best, funniest or most amazing pictures from here and abroad, alpine, character, bushline and camp life. Winners will be entered into the FMC competition, and judged against the best of the tramping community. 



  • Alpine: - the interest matter is predominantly alpine, glaciers, snow, rock and alpine activities.
  • Tramping: - the subject matter should be of a tramping person or tramping scene.
  • Natural history: - studies of flora, fauna, geological specimens or features, natural and native to NZ. Cats, dogs, pine trees are not acceptable.
  • Club character: - Must be a club member involved in an activity (usually humorous) associated with the club. This category is judged by the loudest support expressed at the awards night.
  • Overall best photo – decided by the Judge.


All formats (slides, prints, digital) will be judged together. Photographs in all categories, with the exception of the Natural history category, can be taken overseas.

¨       Photos must be yours: i.e. you must physically have taken the photo. It cannot be taken under your direction.

¨       All entries must be entered in the most appropriate category. Allan will check with you if clarification is necessary.

¨       No entry which has previously won a club award may be entered again.

¨       2 entries per person per category are permitted. Each entry must include a title, your name, and the Category it is to be entered into.

¨       All entries and winners will be displayed on Club Night but the judge will not know the entrants’ names prior to this evening.

Your photos will be shown at the a meeting where they will have been pre-judged by our independent photographic expert.


Your best photos can also be forwarded, with your permission for judging in the Federated Mountain Club's annual photo competition.  We have had some of our members' photos shown on the national stage via FMC in the past years.  Please note that unlike our Club photo competition, FMC competition rules allow for the entry of only New Zealand based photos in each category. Alpine: - the interest matter is predominantly alpine, glaciers, snow, rock and alpine activities.


Any entry may be used on Facebook, our website and in club publications.